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We’re taking applications now for our current litter, Lagotti D’Oro’s Forza.

About The Breed

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient breed that can be traced back to the 1400’s in the area around Romagna, Italy. The Lagotto Romagnolo name is a nod to this dog’s place of origin and its purpose. Now a relatively rare breed, they were originally used for fowl hunting in the marshlands of Ravenna and the lowlands of Comacchio. When the marshlands were drained this breed nearly disappeared. Thankfully, some dedicated breeders preserved the lines and found a new purpose for this amazing dog. With their keen sense of smell and their natural drive to work, their nose skills have been honed to hunt truffles.

Lagottos are a medium/high energy dog with a strong drive to please. Originally hunting dogs, many are food-motivated and therefore easy to train to do tracking and scent work. They also make amazing therapy and service dogs, are great for show, and enjoy learning tricks and commands.

They are a hypoallergenic, non-shedding, medium sized dog with a curly coat ranging in colors of roan, gray, apricot, brown and white, and all brown or all white. They are great family dogs that love water, love to play with toys and be outside, but also settle inside close to their family.

They are protective of their families and territory, but not aggressive and most of all they are professional snugglers! We think they are practically perfect in every way.

About Us

Our interest in truffle hunting and our love for dogs originally spurred our research into this amazing breed of dog. This led us to Italy and other parts of Europe to find the best of the breed, which would yield the perfect combination of a working dog and family dog, offering families and sporting professionals their dream pup. We have taken the utmost care in selecting our breeding pairs from historical lines to produce healthy, beautiful, and world class dogs.

Our journey with our Lagottos has been so rewarding and we hope to share this rare, unique dog with you. We have seen their abilities in scent work and in hunting. Most of all we’ve experienced them winning our hearts over day after day.


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